The unbelievable impact of painting over dated wood panels!

​​When Darlene approached me regarding making some changes to her house, I knew this might be a tough one to sell! She and John have lived there for many years and they were used to looking at dark walls and dark furniture. And guess what… their major complaint was that the house felt dark and dated.

As you may very well know, I try and work with what is n my client’s house. Not everyone has a full blown budget for a total make-over and quite often, people just want to refresh and update, they do not want to get rid of everything and start all over again!

The lack of sufficient lighting was a major concern and although I absolutely love wood, I knew that the real answer to this dilemma, was to have the wood panels on the walls either removed or painted.

Yeah right, they said! No painting over the wood, he said… And I knew, WHITE it would be! 

Needless to say, since they were both in their 60’s, the old-school believe was that painting over wood is not an option! Also, they were not up for the white and pale and gray trend, which was not even an option in my mind anyway.

This is what I started with.

May I just add, this is Miss JJ’s playground as well. Their gorgeous little kitty! That’s where all the paper and toys came from Miss JJ!

 So here is what I changed by looking at the view from this angle.

The fan was replaced with an updated version that has clear glass shades
More recess lights were added to the ceiling
I also had scones added on both sides of the TV, which you can’t see in this pic.
The rug was moved to the bedroom and replaced with a smaller one. I found one that was not super expensive, had the same orange colors in it that you can see in the sofa, so that was my starting point for Color Inspiration. And as per Darlene’s request, I also kept the rug in the dining room, which had deep orange tones
Wood panels were painted. Yep! I won that battle, woohoo! (As Darlene would say!  )
Ceilings and the rest of the walls throughout the house was painted with Manchester Tan to work with the slate floors as well as the fire place stone and furniture.
New faux Roman blind to pull the orange and turquoise in.
New mantel piece made from gorgeous Texas Mesquite
New pillows, some of the accessories and artwork. I hung the large mirror behind the sofa in the dining room and hung a smaller one that I found somewhere in the house, behind the sofa.
Since this picture was taken, I had the oak side table also replaced
The recliner and lamp had to stay!
 Quite the difference, right! But still using all of their furniture!

I also had the antique chair reupholstered and anyone that knows Darlene, knows how much she loves her animal print!

To pull the new colors through, I had custom curtains made in bright cheery fabric that definitely added a pop of color and mimics Darlene’s vibrant personality!  See the large mirror I mentioned earlier on? We kept the exsisting light fixture, but replaced the glass shades with clear ones that were about $8 a piece from Home Depot. Same dining room table and chairs, new console table and lamps though.

And as a well-trained Color Consultant and Decorator should know, tying in all the colors from the moment you walk into the front door has a major impact in how the rest of the house would feel!

Notice how each room has a different percentage of the use of the same colors, and it all flows.

Here is a picture of the fireplace before

After the new Texas Mesquite mantel piece was installed.

Here’s an after pic from the dining room

And for those of you who does not know Darlene…. Do yourself a favor and check her out! What a personality!

Notice the arms! It’s the little things. You will see it when you visit her website!

Photos by Greg Daily

John and Darlene Templeton

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