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Meet Max

Lover of jeans, good music, comfortable friendships and a flickering bonfire. Born in South Africa, bilingual, but don’t speak Spanish and residing in Austin, Texas!

My obsession: COLOR!

Recently completed my certification in the Psychology of Color by Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Color Institute at PANTONE. Trained in Architectural Color by Teresa Tullio, how to design and decorate with Color Confidence by JoAnn Lenart-Weary, Maria Killam and which colors suits me and my personality best by Arden Reece. Also certified as a Home Stager and Interior ReDesign Specialist.

My mission is to create comfortable, functional, gorgeous spaces while surrounding you with the colors YOU love. I have an awesome team that will take care of painting your interior and exterior walls, cabinets, install your new floors that we choose together, upholster your old furniture, hang your window treatments, install your countertops and so forth!

We repurpose your furniture, add what is needed to complete the picture and make you love your home all over again!

Choose it. Change it. Love it!

Eiseman Center for Color Information & Training



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